Hi everyone,

I really have no idea about the future of this blog at this point. I’m going into high school in September, and now during the summer I am busy with a million different obligations. (Of course, that’s an exaggeration, but hopefully you all get what I mean.) In addition to all these things, I’m working on my third mass setting in addition to a lengthy musical analysis, and due to copyright problems in the past, I’m not going to post anything else about that project.

I obviously don’t plan on abandoning blogging altogether, since I enjoy it so much, but I will post much more infrequently. The last time I wrote, I believe, was in January! Maybe once every two or three months, perhaps. And due to requests and suggestions, I’ll expand on my topics as well.

It’s not just about Mozart’s Requiem anymore, which I used as a starting point in my interest in musicology. I’d like to write about other things concerning music in general, which brings me back to my purpose of blogging in the first place: music and musicology are important because their historical importance and their relationship to life.

I would go into greater detail, but that’s for next time!


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