I know it’s been a while since I last posted, so I’ve decided to write a short update.

I’ve mostly been working on my Latin mass setting lately, and I’ve already gotten much of the Kyrie and Gloria done, which is a good thing, because the Gloria needs to be done before Lent! (For non-Catholic readers who aren’t familiar with liturgical traditions, the Gloria and Alleluia are not sung during Lent.)

As my regular readers probably know, I started this blog mostly to write about Mozart’s Requiem. Now, however, my list of topics has grown, and I’ve been writing about other things lately. (You can see all that on my other blog, missasolemnisblog.wordpress.com.) What I lack is a series of articles on the Requiem in chronological order. So I plan on doing that as my next project on this site, using material left over from previous research because right now I’m busy with the mass setting and an analysis of Sussmayr’s Missa Solemnis in D, as well as a paper on music and theology!

A few weeks ago I decided to try my hand at another extension of the Osanna fugue from Mozart’s Requiem. If you recall, I wrote my first attempt last June, and now when I look back at it there are several “grammatical” errors! The new one, I hope, is much more technically competent and perhaps – more interesting! It’s also shorter, which works better with the liturgical traditions Sussmayr clearly kept in mind while completing Mozart’s Requiem in 1792.

The recording can be found here.


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